CLE Energy means: ChristAll Love Energy

CLE in French means KEY in English

Catherine LABBE - Las Llamas Gemelas - Libro

The « CLE Energy » (ChristAll Love Energy) is an energy (Key) of a powerful and high vibration that concerns pure Love like a Crystal.

It is an energy that reaches our consciousness today because our hearts and consciousness have evolved. And restoring Love by filling the heart of our lives is something that is accessible to this day.

This energy is therefore there to allow the work of reconnection, healing and expansion.

How I was able to access this Energy of Pure Love.

I was able to access this pure and crystalline energy of Love after two major events in my life and in this evolution of consciousness.

The first event was the Reconnection with my Twin Flame, Ludovic.

The second event was the birth of our first child who is a child born of the Love and Union of a Twin Flames couple.

I felt this new energy of ChristAll already close to me after the Reconnection with my Twin Flame.

However, it was at the birth of our child that I received an Energetic/Subtle/Spiritual Initiation into this energy from my Guides.

Then, they began to give me teachings that I then used for myself and my family in order to understand their practices, subtleties, impacts, benefits… As we explain in the book, it is important that we are aware of what we discover, what we are going through and what we receive, so that we can share it with as many people as possible in an understandable way.

The name of this ChristAll Love Energy

The Guides call it « ChristAll Energy ». It is pronounced crystal because it is like pure crystalline energy.

It is written with an h and double l at the end (ChristAll) for 2 reasons:

– Without any religious connotation, it is about Christic Love. We write without any religious connotation because this is simply the vibratory level of an energy, and an energy that addresses everyone. And everything, precisely because it is for everyone. And everything is written in English.

– This point is very important: Regardless of your religion, you can claim to benefit from this energy.

All, precisely because it refers to everyone. And All is written All in English.

The Twin Flames Seal

Sello Llamas Gemelas - Energie CLE ChrystAll Love Energy - Catherine LABBE

The Twin Flame Seal is a vibratory seal of both, Love and the sacred couple. This symbol is imbued with the energy of ChristAll and has a pure and crystalline vibration of Love.

I received this seal of the Twin Flames and other vibratory seals in my teaching about ChristAll energy.

I have used these seals extensively in my practice for several years. The use of them brings many benefits and the twin flame seal specifically helps to bring harmony and spread the Love within us, in our relationships and in our lives. In order to allow other people to benefit from their vibration, I had it done by an artist.

A first practical exercise is proposed in our book « The Twin Flames » to start using and enjoying the benefits of the Twin Flame Seal.

Again, there’s nothing religious about this energy. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your religion, you can benefit from this energy and the accompaniment of this energy.



LOVE is the KEY (CLE in French) (ChristAll Love Energy)

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